Carrier 4.0 Ton AC Only Evaporator M Coil| Cased Multi-Position|Upflow/Horizontal 21"W|CVPMA4921XMC

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CVPMA4921XMC 4.0 Ton AC Only Evaporator M Coil| Cased Multi-Position|Note: Follow Evaporator Application Install Instructions


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CVPMA****XMC AC Only Evaporator M Coil| Cased Multi-Position
Note: Follow Evaporator Application Install Instructions found in Product Data

Nomenclature Example & Description
C = Coil / Product
V = V-Coil / Type
P = Puron® Refrigerant (R-410A) / Refrigerant Type
M = Multi-poise / Coil Configuration
A = Major Series / Cabinet Finish
60 - 62 = 5 Ton / Unit Capacity (Nom.)
24 = 24-in (610 mm) / Cabinet Width (Nom.)
X = TXV / Metering Device
M= Microchannel / Tubing Design
C = Cooling only / Variations

This evaporator coil incorporates proven standards for reliable system operation and performance throughout the life of this product. These quality coils, manufactured and installed as part of a total comfort system, provide AHRI-rated performance ratings and are additionally listed with UL and c-UL.
Available for use in Puron® R-410A refrigerant only, it is a cased V-coil that is housed in a durable, 24-gauge, pre-painted taupe metallic cabinet. The fully insulated cabinet (foil faced with R-2.1 insulation) provides for quiet efficient operation of the evaporator coil.

IMPORTANT: This design is for AC applications only.

Performance - Designed with performance in mind, this new evaporator coil offers lower pressure drops to enhance system performance and airflow characteristics.
Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV) - All coils have refrigerant-specific, factory-installed TXVs. All models are factory pre-set to approximately 10° of superheat at the suction service valve.
Durable Condensate Pan - The corrosion-resistant drain pan is designed of a “Polybutylene terephthalate” material (PBT) that offers unsurpassed pan strength. It is engineered with proper slope to help ensure water drainage, improved moisture removal, and home comfort.
Condensate Drain Pan Plugs - The drain pan is supplied with five water-tight drain plugs (three vertical; two horizontal) to prevent leakage from unused drain connections.
Refrigerant Connections - Provided with industry proven sweat connections for leak-free operation to maintain system reliability. The location of the lineset connections allows for removal of the access door for easy cleaning/servicing of the coils, as well as easy access to the TXV. All models come from the factory with enough length of straight tube—once the pipe swages are cut off—to accommodate braze-less compression fittings.
Burst Pressure - Meets or exceeds burst pressure of 1900 psi, which is at least three times the maximum operating pressure it would see in actual cooling-only application.
UV Knockout - This cased coil comes with factory-installed UV knockouts for quick and easy installation of UV lights.
Serviceability - Comes with a “no delta plate” for easy, quick access to both sides of the coil for service and cleaning. Also, after the door is removed and refrigerant lines disconnected, the coil is removable from the front of the unit without the use of any tools.
Prop 65
Warning: this product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

More Information
Brand/ Manufacturer Carrier
Model #CVPMA4921XMC
Install PositionMulti-Position
Vertical/ Multipoise Coil Dimensions (W x D x H)21 X 20.6 X 29.75
Horizontal Coil Dimensions (L x D x H)29.75 X 20.6 X 21
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