We are the warranty agent for products purchased from us locally or over the Internet from our ExpressOverstock website. All communications, technical support and warranty filings will be performed by us.

All Air Conditioning & Heating equipment and systems we sell (unless otherwise noted in the listing details at time of sale and excluding bulbs and accessories) comes with a standard Limited Parts Warranty of 5 years, Compressors are Limited Parts 5 or 10 depending on model, and Gas Furnaces Limited 20 year Heat Exchanger (unless otherwise noted in product data from the manufacturer or on our listings at time of sale).

ExpressOverstock shall not be responsible for labor charges for removal or re-installation of defective parts, charges for transportation, handling and shipping or refrigerant loss.



HVAC limited parts warranty coverage today is performed by the company whom you purchase the product from. As a homeowner, you cannot call any manufacturer for warranty or to seek warranty for your product from them. You must use a registered warranty agent or dealer as the agent to process a warranty claim.

Enviro-Dyne, Inc. (the owner of ExpressOverstock.com) and its affiliates is the registered dealer agent to process warranty coverage for products that we sell, in your local market or online. This means that we are set up to process and file warranty claims on the products we have sold to you.


Warranty Filing Fees

For the life of the warranty we will charge $75 to file a claim for a small item (e.g. electrical parts, motors, etc.) and $125 to file a claim for a large item (e.g. compressors, condenser coils, etc.).


Warranty Filing Process

You must have: a) our service affiliate in your area (if applicable) or b) contractor technician of your choice to diagnose the problem with your product. Then, you or the technician can notify us by sending a scanned copy of your service repair order diagnosis by email. Your name, address, model and serial of unit must be on the repair order with a clear identification of what specific part has failed. A clear description of the failure is required; merely noting  as a defective part is not acceptable. We will then begin the warranty filing process.

Some warranty faulty part(s) may need to be shipped back to us for inspection to obtain warranty credit for the failed part. If this is the case, we will notify you before proceeding that the warranty part must be purchased by credit card in advance and then EXO will credit back the charges less any applicable fees or shipping once part(s) have been returned approved as faulty.

Limited parts warranty coverage does not cover shipping or handling costs; all warranty replacement parts are shipped to you plus freight. Depending on the product, the part and its availability, most claims can be processed and shipped to you within about 3 business days, but this is an estimate, and we cannot guarantee a specific timeline for warranty parts inventory. We will charge you a warranty filing fee based on the aforementioned filing fee schedule.


Warranty Questions

You may contact our warranty and support department for any warranty questions, warranty claims or filing requests, or for technical support.

By email:

or by phone:


Enviro-Dyne, Inc. and its affiliates shall not be responsible for labor charges for removal or re-installation of defective parts, charges for transportation, handling and shipping or refrigerant loss.


Payment Methods

ExpressOverstock.com accepts several different methods of payment, to better suit our customers’ needs.

We have listed our accepted forms of payment below:

Credit Card Logos
  • Credit Cards:
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express both online and over the phone via Authorize.net
  • Google Checkout
  • PayPal


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