York LX 5.0 ton 14.3 SEER2 AC with 80% 100K Gas Furnace VS| ADP Coil|Upflow| YC2E60SB YG2K960E210B2505AP TM8E100C20MP


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York YC2E LX 14 1Stg YC2E60SB YG2K960E210 TM8E100C20MP


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Features YC2E 1 Stage AC Condenser

Small Footprint - Minimum footprint for easier handling, transportation, and installation.
Easier Installation- Independent panels provide quick access for unit setup. Installation time is reduced by easy power and control wiring access. Select indoor matches with factory-mounted TXVs are available for quicker system installation. The loose shipped filter-drier and factory charge for a 15-Ft lineset means less time spent brazing and charging the system. The small base dimension and reduced unit clearances make for easier retrofits.
Accessible Information - QR code on unit provides quick access to technical documents and warranty information.
Durable Finish - The coated steel wire fan guard, coated external fasteners, and pre-treated G90-equivalent galvanized steel chassis components resist corrosion and rust creep. Titanium colored powdercoat paint further protects external panels.
Quality Coils - The high efficiency microchannel aluminum coil is manufactured using an improved material system providing reliable performance and small unit size.
Rugged Coil Protection - Coils are protected from mechanical damage by a proven stamped steel coil guard design.
Protected Compressor - Compressors are protected internally by a high pressure relief valve and a thermal protector, and externally by the system high pressure switch. The liquid line filter-drier is shipped loose for dealer installation. Proper use protects the compressor and system against moisture and debris.
Reliable Operation - Ball bearing fan motors provide superior performance in extreme temperatures.
Environmentally Friendly - CFC-free R-410A refrigerant delivers environmentally friendly performance with zero ozone depletion.
Top Discharge - Warm air is blown up, away from the structure and any landscaping and allows compact location on multi-unit applications.
Low Operating Sound Levels - Developed using CFD and FEA tools, the sturdy cabinet and top design provides sound performance of 76 dBA or lower. Compatible accessories for further sound reduction are also available.
Better Service Access - Diagonal base valves with open access for low-loss fittings, single panel access to the electrical controls, swing out control box for full corner access, and removable fan guard allow easy access for unit maintenance.
Agency Listed - Safety certified by CSA to UL 1995 / CSA 22.2. Performance certified to ANSI/AHRI Standard 210/240 in accordance with the Unitary Small Equipment certification program.

*Available 10-Years parts / 10-Years compressor limited warranty if registered online within 90 days of installation. Otherwise, the warranty reverts to the standard 5-Years parts / 10-Years compressor limited warranty as published in the product warranty certificate. This warranty does not apply to R-22 models, 3-Phase models, or internet sales. See the Limited Warranty certificate in the User's Information Manual for details.
Verify the actual ratings for each specific matchup in the online AHRI directory at www.ahridirectory.org at the time of bid or sale. It is also recommended to print the rating certificate, if needed, at the time of bid or sale.

TM9E& TM8E LX Series Gas Furnaces

These compact units employ induced combustion, reliable hot surface ignition and high heat transfer aluminized tubular heat exchangers.
The units are factory shipped for installation in upflow or horizontal applications and may be converted for downflow applications.
These furnaces are designed for residential installation in a basement, closet, alcove, attic, recreation room or garage and are also ideal for commercial applications.
All units are factory assembled, wired and tested to assure safe dependable and economical installation and operation.
These units are Category IV listed and may be vented either through side wall or roof applications using approved plastic combustion air and vent piping.
• Easily applied in upflow, horizontal left or right, or downflow installation with minimal conversion necessary.
• Compact, easy to install, ideal height 33" tall cabinet.
• Blower-off delay for cooling SEER improvement.
• Easy access to controls to connect power/control wiring.
• Built-in, high level self diagnostics with fault code displays standard on integrated control module for reliable operation.
• Low unit amp requirement for easy replacement application.
• All models are convertable to use propane (LP) gas.
• Electronic Hot Surface Ignition saves fuel cost with increased dependability and reliability.
• 100% shut off main gas valve for extra safety.
• 5 speed, direct drive Standard ECM style high efficiency DC motor.
• 24V, 40 VA control transformer and blower relay supplied for add-on cooling.
• Hi-tech tubular aluminized steel primary heat exchanger.
• Secondary heat exchanger made of corrosion resistant stainless steel materials.
• Timed on, adjustable off blower capability for maximum comfort.
• Blower door safety switch.
• Solid removable bottom panel allows easy conversion.
• Airflow leakage less than 1% of nominal airflow at ductblaster conditions.
• No knockouts to deal with, making installation easier.
• Movable duct connector flanges for application flexibility.
• Quiet inducer operation.
• Inducer rotates for easy conversion of venting options.
• Fully supported blower assembly for easy access and removal of blower.
• External air filters used for maximum flexibility in meeting customers IAQ needs.
• Protection included from air intake, exhaust vent, or condensate blockage.
• Patent pending self priming internal condensate trap design for easy installation.
• Venting applications-80% models vent using TypeB Vent, 4" metal doublewall, 90% models may be installed as a either 2-pipe (sealed combustion) or single-pipe vent (using indoor combustion air.)
• No special vent termination required.
• 1/4 turn knobs provided for easy door removal.
• High-efficiency blower motor for lower electrical power usage and improved A/C SEER ratings.
• Insulated blower compartment for terminal and acoustic performance

ADP–YG & YH Series ADP Coil Product Features

• High efficiency lanced fin design.
• “No-hassle” 5 year warranty. 10 year Limited Warranty available.
• R-22, R-410A, AC & Heat Pump compatible.
• All coils have durable packaging with bar coded labels on the box.
• Threaded expansion valves available factory installed or as a field installed kit.
• Coils are air pressure tested at 500 psi, leak tested with helium, sealed with rubber plugs, then charged with dry air.
• Piston options include externally accessible body for easy piston change out and/or TXV installation.
• Microban® antimicrobial additive to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew in the drain pan.
• UV resistant drain pans are molded of high temperature (450 deg. F) engineered polymer.
• Dual 3/4" FPT condensate drains on front-left and front-right side of drain pans.
• Patented HydroTEC™ low water retention drain pan.
• Copper refrigerant connections for easy brazing on both copper and aluminum slab models.
• Intertek lab tested 1% or less cabinet air leakage for better efficiency.
• Cased coil cabinets are fully lined with 5/8" foil faced insulation.
• Painted galvanized steel cabinets.
• Short cabinet with easy access.
• Non-captive refrigerant lines with long stubs make for easy installation.
• Enhanced refrigerant pipe grommets: secure, tight, and easy to install.
• Copper distributor tube assembly provides brass to brass threads for trouble-free service of TXV.
• Expansion valve with improved temperature sensing:
1.) Mounted inside cabinet to prevent external sweating
2.) Bulb clamped standard factory installed
• Multi-position coils are upflow, left or right airflow capable.
• Cabinet insulation hold down tabs for easy drain pan removal.
• Interlocking doors reduce air leakage and allow for easy access.
• Foam drain seal for reduced air leakage.
• Suction line refrigerant connections are 3/4" ODF (A-Coil 18-36 size models) or 7/8" ODF (A-Coil 42-60 size models)
• Corrosion resistant coil header plates.

More Information
Brand/ Manufacturer York
Model #YC2E60SB YG2K960E210 TM8E100C20MP
System TypeCooling with Gas Heat
Product SeriesYC2E LX 14 SEER2 1Stg
Nominal SEER14 SEER
System SEER13 SEER
Rated SEER13.8
Rated EER11.5
Install PositionUpflow
AFUE %80%
Pad Size36x36x3
Suction Line Size7/8"
Liquid Line Size3/8"
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