York Hx3 Touch Screen WiFi Thermostat (White) THXU430W

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1-THXU430W  Hx3  Touch Screen Thermostat (White)


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The Hx3 York thermostat is the ultimate control center for allof  your  system  components.  When  you  add  a  thermostat  to  acompatible  modulating,  variable-speed  furnace  or  air  handler,and an air-conditioner or heat pump, you'll enjoy longer heatingand  cooling  cycles  at  lower  fan  speeds  for  a  more  consistenttemperature throughout your home, better humidity control, aswell as a more energy-efficient comfort system.

•   Wireless Compatible.
•   Access Remotely with Apple and Android Devices.
•   High definition color, Touch screen interface.
•   Incorporates graphics and animation.
•   Conventional  or  communicating  wire  installation  from  eachcomponent in the system.
•   Intuitive  on-screen  prompts  for  ease  of  installation  and  ser-vice.
•   Over The Air (OTA) software updates.
•   Detailed system staging operation.
•   Complete  integration  of  temperature  control,  humidity  con-trol, and ventilation in every season.
•   Ventilation  limits  to  ensure  outside  air  is  not  introduced  inextreme hot or cold conditions - no extra heating or coolingload.
•   Programmable or non-programmable mode selection.
•   App  based  7-day  programmability  with  2  or  4  periods  perday.
•   Quick Heat/Quick Cool functionality.
•   Day-at-a-glance programming for simplified ease of use.
•   Easy timed-override schedule.
•   Programmable fan by period.
•   Energy saving opportunity.
•   Indoor Air Quality pop-up replacement reminders.
•   General maintenance reminder messaging.
•   Can  be  used  for  communicating  or  conventionally  wiredsystems.

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