York 5.0 Ton, EEV Multi-Position Evaporator Coil (CM50CE3A1)

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York Evapaorator Coil/ EEV CM50CE3A1

York MC Multipoise Evaporator Coil

  • Rigid Case Construction - an interior endoskeleton provides structural support.
  • Cabinet – Constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel with a primer and finish coat providing a high quality corrosion resistant finish.
  • MaxAlloy™ Coil - Long life aluminum coils built to deliver lasting performance, efficiency and reliability.
  • Foil faced insulation -The cabinet is insulated with a single piece of cleanable foil faced insulation retained by the endoskeleton. 
  • Compact Cabinet - With the coil and access doors removed the cabinet has a 20.5” casing depth in all models, which provide ease of attic access and space constrained applications.
  • Thermoset Drain Pan - Corrosion and UV resistant with a positive slope for proper drainage. Low water retention design maximizes indoor air quality and consumer comfort.
  • Low Leakage Cabinet Design - Fully gasketed doors minimizes air leakage to no more than 2% when measured at 1.0”esp. minimizing conditioned air leakage and infiltration.
More Information
Brand/ Manufacturer York
Model # CM50CE3A1
Install Position Multipoise
Refrigerant R-410A
Vertical/ Multipoise Coil Dimensions (W x D x H) NA
Horizontal Coil Dimensions (L x D x H) NA
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