Financing Options Now Available!

Finance your next HVAC heating and cooling system with Express Overstock!


Did your air conditioning system break down at the worst possible time? Are you just looking to save money on your gas and electric bills? Express Overstock is proud to announce the availability of Financing on ALL Brands of Heating & Air Conditioning Systems and Equipment. You can finance all brands of equipment starting at just $300. We want to give you the home system you deserve at the most affordable cost. We want to give more options to our customers because we know purchasing a brand new home air conditioning system can be a large investment. When you finance your HVAC equipment, it puts less of a burden on your wallet by giving you more flexible options for payment with the extremely low interest rates we offer.

We offer financing for the most energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems and equipment including heat pumps, furnace systems, electric systems, and central A/C systems. With so many systems to choose from, you will easily be able to find a system that saves you money on your energy bills with eligibility of a tax credit! To find out what kind of tax credit you can receive according to your state click HERE!


Top 5 Reasons to Finance:

  1. 1. Quick and easy application process
  2. 2. Fixed interest rates so your payments do not fluctuate
  3. 3. Multiple financing plans to choose from with many flexible options
  4. 4. We do a complete review of our customers, not just based on credit scores
  5. 5. We offer low cost same as cash financing for qualifying customers

Frequently Asked Questions


What forms of payment are accepted?

For HVAC financing payments our processor accept checks, money orders, and credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Discover).


How do I apply for financing?

First, you'll need to fill out, sign, and fax the HVAC Finance Application available for download from our web site. Our fax number is 979-846-4775. This form includes the basics of information required to begin the financing application process.


Are there any penalties for paying off early?

No, there are no penalties for early payment.


Do you approve customers below credit scores of 730?

Yes, we can go as low as 640. Some projects may have a risk fee for low credit scores that also do not meet our financing profile.

Contact Us

To inquire further about the financing application form and process, you can contact a sales representative here at Express Overstock. We're just a phone call or an e-mail away! Call us at 1-866-598-7281 or you can email us at


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