Carrier Infinity 4 Ton 22 SEER/45.0K BTU Variable Speed Heat Pump w/Infinity VS Air Handler & Control | 25VNA448 FE4ANF005L SYSTXCCIT01-B


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Infinity 24 VS HP 25VNA448 FE4ANF005L SYSTXCCIT01-B


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The Infinity 24VS heat pump offers high--efficiency variable speed
performance in a remarkably small cabinet and provides up to 11
HSPF heating efficiency and up to 24 SEER cooling efficiency.
The variable speed inverter capacity control delivers up to 5 stages
of operation for exceptional load matching, dehumidification and
zoning performance.
This product has been designed and manufactured to provide
flexible system matching and work with a wide variety of indoor
units and controls.

Energy Efficiency
 Up to 24 SEER /15.0 EER / 13 HSPF
 Microtube Technologyt refrigeration system
 Sound level as low as 55 dBA in low speed (Silencer System II).
 Soft start and smooth ramp to operating speeds
 Variable speed compressor operates at 5 stages with capacity
 range from as wide as 25--100%
 Air cooled Inverter variable speed drive
 — System requires Infinity Touch Control with version 11
 software or newer for 5--stage operation.
 — Ratings provided with 2--stage thermostats and suitable
 non--communicating indoor products for 2--stage
 Puronr refrigerant -- environmentally sound, won’t deplete the
 ozone layer and low lifetime service cost.
 Front--seating service valves
 Inverter control drives compressor and fan motor
 No control module attached to fan motor
 Infinity intelligence monitors critical system parameters
 Pressure equalizer valve for easy compressor starting
 High pressure switch
 Suction pressure transducer
 Electronic expansion valve (EXV) for heating, TXV for cooling
 Compressor discharge temperature sensor
 Suction temperature sensor
 Filter drier (field installed)
 Internal crankcase heater standard
Flexibility and installation:
 2 control wires to outdoor unit in complete Infinity system and
Touch Control
 Smaller and lighter than 2--stage units
 Minimum and Maximum adjustments with Infinity Touch
 Hybrid Heat dual fuel capable
 Compatible with non--communicating thermostats
Durability WeatherArmor Ultrat protection package:
 Solid, Durable sheet metal construction
 Steel louver coil guard
 Baked--on, complete outer coverage, powder paint

More Information
Brand/ Manufacturer Carrier
Model # 25VNA448 FE4ANF005L SYSTXCCIT01-B
System Type Cooling with Heat Pump
Product Series Infinity 24 VS HP
Tons 4
BTU 45,500/45,000
Nominal SEER 24 SEER
System SEER 22 SEER
Rated SEER 22
Rated EER 13
HSPF Rating 10.5
Refrigerant R-410A
Install Position Multipoise
Pad Size 36X36X3
Suction Line Size 7/8"
Liquid Line Size 3/8"
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