Carrier/Bryant CNPHP3017ALA 2.5 Ton Cased Horizontal Evaporator Coil 17" W


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CNPHP3017ALA Horizontal Evaporator Coil


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Carrier/Bryant CNPHP3017ALA 2.5 Ton Cased Horizontal Evaporator Coil 17" W

Carrier Horizontal Evaporator Coil


Insulated case
Rugged, durable Fiberglass
Reinforced Thermoset Polyester
(FRTP) base pan on A-coils
Enhanced fins and grooved tubes
Thermostatic Expansion Valve metering device
Cabinet knockouts for UV
Lights on A-coils
Factory installed with R-410A TXV


Primary and secondary drain connections help ensure proper drainage. All Performance™ Series coils include our TXV for enhanced control over refrigerant flow for compressor protection and improved system reliability. Performance™ Series A-coils are seated on our rugged, durable base pan. Base pan design improves drainage to help eliminate standing water and potential mold growth. Performance™ Series A-coil cabinet knockouts allow for the convenient mounting of Carrier air quality enhancing UV Lights.


With energy costs on the rise, the Performance™ Series evaporator coils can help maintain and even enhance your Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER number. SEER is like gas mileage. The higher the gas mileage or SEER, the more efficient the automobile or system is. While a higher efficiency system can cost more to purchase, it can pay for itself over the lifetime of the system by lowering utility bills.

The Carrier Performance™ Series evaporator coils are specifically designed to enhance your comfort and energy savings. Properly matched components help maximize efficiency while minimizing your utility costs. A Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) on every Performance™ Series evaporator coil offers precise refrigerant distribution to deliver higher efficiency ratings.

More Information
Brand/ Manufacturer Carrier
Model # CNPHP3017ALA
Install Position Horizontal
Refrigerant R-410A
Vertical/ Multipoise Coil Dimensions (W x D x H) NA
Horizontal Coil Dimensions (L x D x H) 27-1/2 x 20-3/4 x 17-9/16
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