Bryant Evolution Connex Control (SYSTXBBECC01-B)

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Bryant Evolution - SYSTXBBECC01-B Connex Control


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Bryant Evolution - SYSTXBBECC01-B Connex Control Bryant specializes in creating a customized home comfort system tailored to your needs with our broad selection of residential heating and cooling products. The Evolution Connext Control is the ultimate control center for all of your system components. When you add an Evolution Connex Control to a compatible variable speed furnace, fan coil, Evolution System split or package unit, or small packaged product, you will enjoy longer heating and cooling cycles at lower fan speeds for a more consistent temperature throughout your home. By adding a variable speed, multi-stage, or 2-stage outdoor unit, you will enjoy extra benefits which include better humidity and temperature control as well as a more energy efficient comfort system. When paired with Evolution Zoning controls, the Evolution Connext Control allows you to create up to 8 zones of customized comfort. The Evolution Zoning system does not require a bypass damper, leaving air temperature (LAT) sensor, or field-installed power transformer. Always install the latest version of software to enable all features of the system. Over-the-Air software updates for Wi-Fi models connected to the Evolution server are automatically downloaded. Software updates via MicroSD are available on HVACpartners, or at Bryant’s revolutionary Evolution Connex Control is the smart control of the future. Its unique system self-configuration and diagnostics capabilities make installation and service fast and accurate, helping to avoid costly call-backs. The Evolution Connext Control features a high resolution display, making it easier to read. Intuitive prompts let you program everything from humidity levels to fan speeds, giving you the ultimate control over your home comfort. Other features include: 2-wire connection to Evolution System two or more-stage outdoor equipment (including geothermal split units) 4-wire installation from each major component in the system Evolution Zoning System compatibility Occupancy sensing to provide comfort when spaces are occupied; schedules can maximize energy savings Intuitive on-screen prompts for ease of installation and service Perfect Humidity System settings are the default no longer requiring increased system setup Complete integration of the temperature, humidity and ventilation in every season Auto mode selection to satisfy simultaneous heating and cooling demands via more aggressive Auto Changeover algorithm - installer must enable 7-day programmability with Lifestyle Comfort Profiles and Touch-N-Gor features; complies with California Title 24 programmability requirements Easy timed-override schedule Simplified vacation schedules Day-at-a-glance programming for simplified ease of use Programmable fan by period TrueSense Dirty Filter Detection Indoor Air Quality pop up reminders General maintenance reminder messaging Wi-Fi remote access capability Upload photo, dealer info, and software updates locally via MicroSD card. Software updates available automatically when connected to the Evolution web server Compatible with home automation through the SYSTXBBRCT01 or SYSTXBBRWF01 system access modules, or via Amazon Alexa control Compatible with communicating Evolution System Small Packaged Products
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Brand/ Manufacturer Bryant
Accessory Type Thermostat (Wi-Fi)
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